The Friendship Centre Federation The Friendship Centre Federation

Working to provide a network of Friendship throughout the UK & its Crown Dependencies


(as amended by the 2016 AGM.)

The name of the organisation is The Friendship Centre Federation


The Federation is a network of affiliated member organisations operating to promote the common interests of older people through the establishment and support of Friendship Centres, Special Interest Groups (SIGS) or similarly constituted Bodies, throughout the United Kingdom and its Crown Dependencies.


2.1 The Federation shall comprise affiliated member organisations which accept the principles and objectives set out in this Constitution, with strategic policy being decided at an Annual General Meeting and implemented through an elected Executive Committee (EC).

2.2. The Executive Committee is to be drawn from affiliated member organisations and will comprise up to 12 members including Officers. There is to be not more than two elected members from any single affiliated member organisation. Nominations for the Executive Committee must be submitted to the Federation Secretary 42 days prior to the AGM. Nominees are required to have an email address.


3.1 To accept into affiliated membership, at the discretion of the EC, organisations and groups (whether having in their title the name 'Friendship Centre' or not) which desire to be affiliated to the Federation. n.b. Affiliation to any other body does not prohibit membership of the Federation;

3.2 To set and collect an annual subscription from members and to raise funds by any other legitimate means as and when appropriate;

3.3. To operate a bank account in the name of the Friendship Centre Federation with two nominated signatories on issued cheques, one being the Treasurer for amounts above 50. For lesser amounts, cheques only need to be signed by the Treasurer.

3.4 To maintain records and publish annual audited accounts;

3.5 To publish and distribute information and produce a Newsletter at regular intervals;

3.6 To acquire and maintain such equipment as may be necessary to undertake the work and advance the interests of the Federation;

3.7 To co-operate with other bodies;

3.8 To acquire or co-opt assistance from individuals or other bodies to advance the interests of the Federation;

3.9 To do anything else within the law which promotes or helps to promote the Object.


4.1 All affiliated member organisations are entitled to attend general meetings of the Federation and will each be entitled to one authorised voting delegate or proxy. Motions for debate can be voted upon by a Postal Vote from an affiliated member organisation received up to 5 days before an AGM by the Secretary. As many members of affiliated organisations as wish to do so may attend an AGM or other general meetings along with visitors and invited guests.

4.2 General meetings require 42 days notice and details of the business to be transacted.

4.3 A Quorum shall comprise 10% of authorised voting affiliated members and at meetings of the Executive Committee a Quorum shall comprise 4 voting members.

4.4 All matters voted on shall be decided by a simple majority. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


The AGM is to be held every year within fifteen months of the previous AGM. At this meeting a Chairman's Report and the Accounts are to be presented, Officers and members of the Executive Committee elected and auditors appointed. Motions to be debated on policy issues. Motions for debate must be received by the Secretary 42 days before the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.


An EGM may be called by any affiliated member organisation, with the support of four other affiliated member organisations, at any time.


The Executive Committee will run the day-to-day affairs of the Federation through its members and officers. It will meet at least once a year with additional meetings as necessary in order to conduct the affairs of the Federation. The Chairman of the Federation will also be the Chairman of The Executive Committee. The Officers of the Federation shall be: Chairman; Vice Chairman; Secretary; Treasurer with other appointments, including co-options, being made by the Executive Committee as and when necessary. Membership of the Committee shall be for three years, after which time they may offer themselves for re-election. Officers shall serve three years from the date of appointment, re-election is permitted for a further period of three years.


This Constitution may be amended at the AGM or an EGM called for the purpose. Any proposed amendment must reach the Secretary 42 days before the meeting.


If affiliated members decide at a General Meeting to dissolve the organisation members of the Executive Committee will remain in office to oversee the orderly and efficient settlement of accounts, distribution of assets and any residual funds in a manner considered appropriate by the Committee and other matters relating to the winding up of the affairs of the Federation.

You can download and print a copy of the Constitution here